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  • I've decided to write a dental blog! I am writing not under the allusion that many, if any, will read this.  But I sometimes feel the need to express my opinion about dentistry and life.  Perhaps someone will stumble across this and decide they want to be a patient, or read my typos and less than perfect grammar (as is the nature of a blog) and decide they don't want to be my patient! Either way, great!  I want to treat people who like me and who I in turn hopefully like. That's one nice thing about having my own practice.   I get to work with and on people who I like. Sure, I don't know most new patients until they get there, but I'm hopeful every time someone sits in my dental chair that they'll turn into a friend and lifelong patient.  People who I don't get along with, usually don't come back.   Treat enough people, meet enough people you like, and eventually I'll have a practice full of people I like! Now, that's a nice thought!

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