• Emergencies

  • Did you crack a tooth?  Did a crown fall off?   Something just won't stop hurting? You want to fix it but you're afraid of how much it will cost?

    Here at Austin Artistic Dental we try to make it very affordable to find out what your problem is and what it will take to fix it.  For only $29 you get have a limited emergency exam and 2 x-rays.

    So don't hesitate and let that tooth get worse.  Call us today and bring in the below coupon with you to your appointment! (512) 772-5077

    * Please note it is the office policy to not give out narcotic pain killers to patients who do not have a history with the office.  



We are trying to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus. The office is closed except for emergencies. Emergencies being pain, infection or a dental problem that could get significantly worse if not treated soon. If you’re not sure what do, the best possible thing is to fill out a VIRTUAL CONSULT form (click here) and Dr. Hulse will send you a personalized video for free telling whether he thinks you should come in or not, what your options for treatment could be, and what it would cost. Or you can call 512-292-9209