• Gum Health

  • The health of your gums is vital to the health of your teeth as well as your overall health. Did you know that researchers have found a link between periodontitis (gum disease) and heart disease?

    Preventitive dentistry can go a long way in preventing gum disease. However, if you do suffer from periodontitis, Dr. Jarett Hulse offers various services to benefit your health and the health of your gums. To learn more about the procedures we offer, click below:




We are trying to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus. The office is closed except for emergencies. Emergencies being pain, infection or a dental problem that could get significantly worse if not treated soon. If you’re not sure what do, the best possible thing is to fill out a VIRTUAL CONSULT form (click here) and Dr. Hulse will send you a personalized video for free telling whether he thinks you should come in or not, what your options for treatment could be, and what it would cost. Or you can call 512-292-9209