• New Patients Welcome

  • Thank you for looking at our webpage and being interested in our practice.  There are a lot of dental offices around, and finding one that is a good fit for your individual needs can be difficult.  How do you know who to choose?  Let us tell you more about our office.  Dr. Hulse and his team believe that we are different than most dental offices out there.  We hear it every day from our patients. 
    “That’s the most time any doctor has spent with me… ever!”
    “No one has ever explained that to me so clearly before”
    “Did you give me the shot yet?  I didn’t feel anything! I used to be scared of the shots”
    “I’ve never had so much dentistry and had so little pain.”
  • It is our mission to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and you love your smile.

    We are different then most other dental offices.   We understand many people have had bad experiences with dental treatment in the past.  We understand that many are embarrassed by their teeth or lack of oral health. We NEVER judge anyone for their past, and never lecture them or try to make them feel bad.   We do the opposite!  We’re here to help you, to teach you, encourage you and be your cheerleader.  We believe healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are something everyone deserves. Your health and success is our success.

  • We believe expert care is important.

    Dr. Hulse has dedicated his life to improving his knowledge and skill as a dentist.  He literally does not go a day without reading, thinking and learning about dentistry.   He lives and breathes dentistry.  This is the type of person you want caring for your teeth and oral health.

    Some people think a dentist is a dentist. Some people think all fillings are the same, all crowns and veneers are the same.  There is nothing further from the truth. We believe that there are people out there who want the best for themselves,  people who don’t search for their health care providers based on Groupons and cheap discount ploys.  Some dentists come out of school, and their education ends there.  They take the minimum required continuing education to keep their license.  They don’t have passion.   Dr. Hulse takes 10 times the amount required.  He travels the world learning from the best of the best, and brings it home to his patients. He’s earned his Mastership in the Academy of Dentistry by taking so much education across all facets of dentistry.  Less then 1% of dentists ever earn this distinction in their whole career, and he’s done it decades faster then almost all of his peers.  That took dedication.   This is what we believe is important and what you deserve.

  • We believe you are free to choose

    With the increasing costs of health care, and the limited coverage that “dental insurance” provides, and the increasing corporate involvement in dentistry, people are losing their ability to choose their own healthcare providers and what’s best for them.  We believe in maintaining traditional values.  We believe in a relationship based practice.  We believe people should be able to choose their healthcare provider based on skill, comfort level, and philosophy of care. People should be treated as an individual, not a chart.  We believe that you deserve to experience excellence.  If you agree, then give us a call and let us start a relationship.