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My name is Dr. Jarett Hulse.   I’m a cosmetic dentist. Welcome to the website for my south Austin Cosmetic dental office, Austin Artistic Dental! Please browse around, and you will find some good honest information about me, my office, and dentistry. Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two and you’ll see how we at Austin Artistic Dental can help you obtain outstanding oral health and IMPROVE YOUR SMILE and IMPROVE YOU LIFE.

Before you browse around I want to make this clear up front. When I treat you, you become part of my dental family. I will only recommend treatment, and only perform treatment that I KNOW will make you healthier and happier! Treatment I would perform on my own family. I am VERY CONSERVATIVE as a dentist. I do not recommend treatment unless I know you will be worse off without it. But I am also very thorough and a PERFECTIONIST. I strive to be the best cosmetic dentist in Austin.

I’m serious about that! There are thousands of dentists in Austin.  And just like any profession, some are better then others.  The people who come to me who realize there is a difference and are looking for something better.  We are not owned by a large corporation, that can be found in almost every shopping area across the city.  Most of these offices base their business on cheap and quick cleanings, young new dentists, and seeing lots of patients and doing quick and mediocre dentistry.  Most people don’t know the difference between dentists and are fine with cheaper dentistry that won’t last as long, look as good or be painless.  The people who search me out are people looking for better.  They want what’s BEST FOR THEIR SMILE and their health.  And we don’t just do Veneers.  While Cosmetic Dentistry is my passion, I strive to treat the person as a whole and do top of the line fillings, crowns, implants, gum disease treatment. In other words we do comprehensive dentistry.

The other group of people who come to me are those looking for a NATURAL LOOKING SMILE MAKEOVER with the best cosmetic dentistThe ability to transform someone’s smile and RESTORE THEIR CONFIDENCE has never been greater.  Unfortunately, cosmetic dentistry sometimes gets a bad reputation because so much of it that is done looks fake and isn’t naturally looking.   Everyday I work to improve and transform smiles, make them beautiful and white but also make them look natural and like they fit within the persons face.   No more chicklet looking teeth that can be spotted from space since they look so fake!

It is an exciting time in Dentistry right now! There have been so many advances in the past several years, that if it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist, you may be surprised when you come to our office.

I want to show you the comfortable, painless and conservative techniques that have brought so much happiness and relief and SMILES to my patients over the years. We’re not the uncomfortable, scary dental office you may remember from years past. When I look at other dental offices and how dentistry used to be, I WOULDN’T WANT TO GO THERE EITHER! But at Austin Artistic Dental we are MUCH DIFFERENT. Come experience WORLD CLASS DENTISTRY just minutes from you home.

Welcome to Austin Artistic Dental!

Dr. Hulse shares his vision for Austin Artistic Dental and how patients can expect a unique experience when they visit.

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Thinking of become a new patient?


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At Austin Artistic Dental, we perform a wide variety of services to help you get the smile you deserve. By leveraging today’s advanced techniques and technology, Austin dentist Dr. Jarett Hulse can restore your beautiful smile to help you maintain your youthful appearance.

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Here at Austin Artistic Dental, we create natural smiles. Lots and LOTS of natural smiles!

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