• Kor Teeth Whitening

  • Our teeth often discolor as we age. We see this everyday in our South Austin Dental practice, Austin Artistic Dental. This especially becomes apparent if you smoke or eat and drink a lot of darker color foods, such as coffee, tea and red wines. Fortunately, there is now a way to correct this! It is called KOR WHITENING DEEP BLEACHING!

  • There are many, many ways to whiten/bleach one's teeth. It has become so popular in the past few years that it seems as if new products are popping up everyday! They all consist of putting bleach on the teeth in different concentrations, different formulas, and using different methods. ALL BLEACH AND WHITENING TECHNIQUES ARE NOT EQUAL!

    There are many, many different bleaching methods. How well they work is highly variable. Sometimes they work okay, sometimes they barely work at all. In addition to changing the color of your teeth very little, they often hurt! Another problem, is that it's almost impossible to guess when these lesser techniques will work and when they won't until they are already done and paid for.

    I'm not just talking about the whitening products you can buy in the store, I'm also talking about techniques used at other dental offices. The so called "laser whitening" and  various "one hour" whitening systems. In my opinion, these are highly unpredictable, and very often a unsatisfactory result is obtained.

    So if you are interesting in just trying a little whitening, and only interested in getting your teeth a little whiter, most whiteners will work.

    BUT IT YOU WANT A DRAMATIC CHANGE. If you want WHITE teeth the best method by far is KOR WHITENING - DEEP BLEACHING. I have been using it for years. If the patient followed the instructions, I have NEVER had anything but amazing results! I have never had anyone end up with a shade darker then the lightest natural shade of teeth, and most people end up with even lighter then that!

    Below are a few cases I have completed recently.

  • The below pictures are of my wife, Stephanie's, results.  She's a big coffee drinker! My wife is actually a blond, this was during the period of when she dyed her hair red to look like a superhero!

  • Below are 2 videos by DEEP BLEACHING's inventor, my colleague, Dr. Rod Kurthy. Dr. Kurthy, taught me his technique, and does a very thorough job of explaining it, and answering many common questions in the videos.