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Approximately 25% of the U.S. population does not have dental insurance.  And for those who do, if they have any major dental issues, they have probably come to realize dental insurance is limiting in it’s nature. 90% of dental insurances only cover $1000-1500 a year. That is only enough for a couple of cleaning and maybe a few fillings.  It does not cover half the cost of one really broken down tooth. Let alone a mouth full of them.  Insurance is supposed to cover things we can’t afford, when we have major problems. Not things we can afford, like cleanings and check ups.  So, should it really be called insurance?

When dental insurances first started coming into effect in the 1970’s they offered a $1000 per year benefit. What do they offer now? The same $1000! Forty years later! Not even attempting to keep up with inflation.  How is this fair?

To help our patients and make things more affordable Austin Artistic Dental offers the Dental Savings Plan .  The Dental Saving Plan is a membership plan we offer to our non-insured patients that allows them to save money.  It covers all your check ups and cleanings, x-rays for the year, your sensitivity and cavity prevention fluoride and you get a discount on ALL your dental treatment, with no annual maximum.  There are no limitations and no waiting periods.   All for $299 a year! Less then HALF of what most dental insurances cost.

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