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Sedation Dentistry in South Austin allows you the confidence to know you’ll be able to get the smile you’ve always wanted and being comfortable while doing it!

Watch the video below of Dr. Hulse explaining how he will make you comfortable and get you the smile you deserve

At Austin Artistic Dental, in south Austin, Dr. Jarett Hulse literally meets people everyday who are afraid to go to the dentist. This is an extremely common fear, and we are used to helping people get past their fears so they can get out of pain, get healthy and get that smile they have so desperately wanted for so long.

And we do this without judgement!

Listen to one of our patients describe how she was terrified, and how Dr. Hulse was able to sedate her so she could get the dental care she needed

At Austin Artistic Dental we offer   3 different kinds   of sedation to make you comfortable.

NITROUS OXIDE (laughing gas)

NITROUS OXIDE (laughing gas) The first level and lightest form is nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is a completely safe gas that allows one to relax more during their visit. We turn on the gas and within minutes you will naturally feel more relaxed. Depending on the patients apprehension and desires we use this with cleanings to complex surgeries. One of the nice things about nitrous oxide is that when the treatment is done, we put you on 100% oxygen and within just a few minutes you feel normal and are ready to drive yourself home.


The next form of sedation with offer is called Oral Conscious Sedation. Some people call it sleep dentistry. This involves Dr. Hulse giving you prescription medications approximately one hour before your appointment. With this you will become completely relaxed and anxiety free. Some people fall asleep, some don’t, but you it always makes the time fly for you and makes hours feel like minutes. During your treatment our experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your entire visit so that it is completely safe. The medications also have an amnesia effect and often the patient can’t remember the appointment over the next few days, even if they were partially awake during it.

The benefits of oral sedation are great. You can get your health and smile back, without worry, while forgetting the whole incidence. Sounds like a dream!

I.V. Sedation

If you require a large surgery, or need your wisdom teeth removed or have many broken and infected teeth that need to be removed, IV sedation in south Austin may be the best option for you. With IV sedation, you will be completely comfortable, will not be aware of the surgery and will have no memory of the whole procedure afterwards!

We also specialize in giving painless shots!

Three patients below explain how they didn’t feel the shots at all!  You can read more about our painless needle technique here.

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