Bioclear Black Triangle Closure

If so, you may be a candidate for a Bioclear Black Triangle Closure!

Black Triangle Closure

What is a Black Triangle?

A Black Triangle is a little space that sometimes forms between the gums and the teeth.  It most commonly occurs after orthodontics, Braces or Invisalign.  It also can occurs when someone has gum disease and gum recession.

What is wrong with having a Black Triangle?

If the gums disease is controlled and the gums are healthy, then nothing is wrong with a Black Triangle from a health stand point.  BUT, FOR SOME PEOPLE IT IS A COSMETIC NIGHTMARE.


That’s how much some people hate their Black Triangles.

Black Triangle Between front teeth
Lower teeth bioclear black triangles

How do you fix my Black Triangles?

I fix it utilizing a technique called the Bioclear Method.  It is a special  technique in which tooth shaped matrices (pieces of curved plastic) are fitted around your teeth and a tooth colored composite material is flowed into the matrix and around the tooth.  I then shape the material to make it blend seamlessly with your tooth.

Does this Bioclear Method damage my teeth?  Do you need to shave my teeth down to do this?

NO! That’s the best part!  The Bioclear Method is a completely additive procedure.  No tooth structure is removed or damaged. 

Upper and lower Black Triangles fixed with Bioclear
Black Triangles fixed with Bioclear Method

How is Bioclear different then veneers?

Most veneers that dentist do are Porcelain Veneers.   I do a lot of Porcelain Veneers AND Composite Veneers.  You can see examples of both in my smile gallery.  There is a place for those.  But when ones teeth are healthy and aesthetically  pleasing EXCEPT FOR THE BLACK TRIANGLES then it makes more sense to just fill in the missing areas.  To do porcelain veneers and close black triangles one needs to remove tooth structure in between the teeth to  allow the porcelain veneers to fit in that area.   In all my dental treatment I promote conservative and minimally damaging dentistry.  I can even do No Prep/No Drill porcelain veneers, but to do it to close black triangles is impossible.

Will my gums grow back themselves and fill in the black triangles?

If the gums were recently injured causing the black triangles, and now they are healing, and if the bone underneath the gums is healthy, there is slight chance the gums with grow back and close the black triangles.  But if the Black Triangles been there for a few months and there was no injury or trauma that caused them in the first place, unfortunately they will never grow back.

Black Triangles on lower teeth
Black Triangles on lower teeth

Can you do gum surgery to get the gums to grow back?

While many gum specialists and periodontists have tried,  I have never seen a successful case or know of any dentist that has done it successfully.  Most gum specialists say it is impossible. 

How is Bioclear different then bonding?

While bonding and the Bioclear Method both use composite, the similarities end there.  Bonding is usually a technique in which composite is hand sculpted on the side of the tooth kind of as a quick patch, often for a chipped tooth.   Because bonding doesn’t use the special tooth shaped matrices and doesn’t prepare the tooth in the same way as Bioclear, bonding often stains, chips falls off and causes ledges.

Most dentists do some form of bonding, but most dentists will not even attempt to bond a black triangle, because they know it won’t work very well.  It may look okay at first, but will often stain, but even worse cause ledges below the gums that trap food, plaque and bacteria. Causing bleeding and irritated gums.  Making the problem even worse then when it started! 

You don't have to be a dentist to understand the x-ray below and see how the rough over hanging bonding with ledges on the left is not as good as the smooth Bioclear restoration on the right.

X-ray of Bioclear Black Triangle Closure

Can you close my Black Triangles even if they are very large? What if my roots are showing?

As long as the gums are healthy and stable I can do it.   It does take more skill and time, but I can even do it if they teeth aren’t perfectly straight!

Large Black Triangles with root exposed fixed with the Bioclear Method
Large Black Triangles fixed with the Bioclear Method

Will filling in my Black Triangle cause my gums to get worse?   Will I be able to floss?

No, it will not cause your gums to get worse and you will be able to floss perfectly.  The technique makes it so the composite between the teeth is smooth like glass.  It will be the smoothest and nicest feeling dental restoration you have in your mouth.  This smoothness and perfect contours without ledges is what makes it so healthy for the gums.

Why should I come to you do to this treatment?   How come my neighborhood dentist doesn’t do this?

I’ve been doing Bioclear now for over a dozen years.  I am a Key Opinion Leader for Bioclear.  I teach courses to other dentists on how to do Bioclear.  I’ve taught dentists in Austin and around the country, I’ve taught students at the dental and even internationally.    To do Bioclear well takes a passion for detail, esthetics, not cutting  down teeth and doing  minimally invasive dentistry.  Frankly, it’s a lot quicker and easier to cut a tooth down for a crown.  Many dentists don’t want to take the time to do the procedures, not to mention the days away from work and tens of thousands of dollars it takes to learn the full Bioclear curriculum.  And even after you learn the technique there is a learning curve, that takes time to get good at. But we are trying to teach more dentists and spread the word!

Why do some teeth get Black Triangles more then other?

Unfortunately, some peoples teeth just form with irregular shapes or in a a VERY triangular form.  This just leads to more space up by the gums, which is where Black Triangles form.   Looking at the two cases below you can see that while the teeth are straight and the gums look healthy, the teeth just look a little unusual.  Fortunately I can see the beautiful teeth just hiding out of sight.  By filling in those Black Triangles with the Bioclear Method we were able to close the black triangles and give them a fantastic smile, while at the same time doing no damage to the teeth.


Unusual shaped teeth fixed with the Bioclear Method
Triangular Teeth fixed with Bioclear

How long does the Bioclear Method take to do?

Ever case is slightly different, but generally it takes 45 minutes to an hour to do each Black Triangle.  So typically when someone comes in for 4 or 5 black triangles we will do it in morning

How long do the Bioclear restorations last?

As with all things with dentistry it depends on how well the person takes care of them.   If the person flosses, brushes, gets regular cleanings, wears a night guard or retainers if recommended, then they last about as long as most typical restorations which is about 7-10 years.  That being said in the over decade I’ve been doing these,  I have yet to have to redo a case yet. 

How do I tell if I am a candidate?

The best way is to click the link below to get a Virtual Consult.  You will send me some selfies of your teeth, preferably where I can see the Black Triangles.  Tell me what you want. I’ll send you back a personal video explaining your options and the costs.  This virtual consult is FREE and only takes a couple minutes to submit.  I suggest you do it now!

Do people really fly in to get there treatment done?

Yes! It is actually the most common treatment people fly in to get done with me.   Often we can gather the information we need beforehand via emails and phone calls with my expert team.  So you only need to fly in one time, stay for a day or two and fly home.

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