• Smile Makeovers

    • Do you hate to smile?  
    • Do you cover your mouth with your hand or your upper lip when you smile?  
    • Are you embarrassed even in front of your friends and family?  
    • Do you want to look younger?
    • Does it hurt when you chew?
    • Are you afraid you're beyond hope?
  • We get people like this EVERY DAY here in our south Austin dental practice, Austin Artistic Dental.  Are you afraid that you're beyond hope? Here at Austin Artistic Dental changing your SMILE and changing your LIFE is Dr. Hulse's favorite thing to do.

  • Dr. Hulse explains his Cosmetic Dentistry philosophy

  • Dr. Jarett Hulse performs cosmetic dentistry in south Austin at Austin Artistic Dental every single day and is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Austin.  Recently named one of “top 3 cosmetic dentists in Austin", Dr. Hulse is constantly improving smiles and changing lives for his patients. Dr. Hulse strives to be the best cosmetic dentist in Austin.

    Dr. Hulse differs from many cosmetic dentists in that he doesn't just use one method to improve smiles.  He uses multiple methods you will read about below.   Many dentists just use porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers when done properly, created and sculpted by an artist are amazing and have transformed smiles the world over.

  • Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

  • Dr. Hulse has performed countless veneer smile makeovers and used to work at one of the premier cosmetic dental offices in New York City before moving down to Austin and creating his own ideal cosmetic dental practice.

    The most common way a smile makeover is accomplished is through the use of porcelain veneers.  Porcelain Veneers are thin layers of porcelain, almost like a contact lens, that fits over the front of the teeth to change its appearance.  Sometimes these can be done without removing any tooth structure, though often a thin layer needs to be removed and then replaced and built back strong and more beautiful than ever.

    Unfortunately, many porcelain veneers smile makeovers look fake or break too often if not done to the highest standards.  What makes Dr. Hulse's smile makeovers different is that he is an artist! When Dr. Hulse evaluates your smile, he is looking at your teeth, looking at your smile and your whole face.  Then he is designing a smile that fits YOU!  Not everyone gets the same teeth.  Every smile is unique. Dr. Hulse has studied the ART and SCIENCE of smile design so that he can transfer your mouth into the smile of your dreams.

    Doing an amazing smile makeover takes teamwork between the doctor and the ceramicist.  The ceramicist is the person who actually fabricates the porcelain restorations based on Dr. Hulse's design.  Dr. Hulse takes great care in only using the strongest, most beautiful porcelains. He works with a world class ARTISTIC ceramicist.  Unfortunately, being a dental ceramicist is a dying profession with so much dental lab work being done by machines these days.  To find a great ceramicist who is also up the Dr. Hulse's artistic standards is not an easy task.  But Dr. Hulse has found such an artist in Mitch Hurst . Mitch is a real artist! Other dentists often don't use such an exceptional artist for a few reasons.  One, they are VERY hard to find.  It has literally taken Dr. Hulse years to find someone that does work at the highest standards.  Two, great work isn't cheap.  If you want to make the investment in your smile, some dentists will use a cheaper mass producing lab to save cost and make more profit. Or perhaps charge the patient less money and make an inferior product.  As is almost always the case, you get what you pay for.

    Here are some examples of porcelain veneers created by Mitch Hurst.    Notice how they have different textures, and different colors and shades of white.   They don't look like chiclets.  They don't look fake.  They look like REAL TEETH! Dr. Hulse wants people to tell his patients that they have a beautiful smile.  Not that they have nice veneers.  If someone can tell, you have veneers, then they are not great veneers.  Even very white veneers can look natural when done properly.

  • Not all porcelain veneers are the same.

    Compare the fake looking ones on top, Dr. Hulse replaced with more natural looking ones on the bottom.  That's not easy! You get what you pay for!


  • Below are some before and after photos of smiles created by Dr. Hulse in south Austin at Austin Artistic Dental.


  • CLICK HERE to see more photos in our SMILE GALLERY

  • Dr. Hulse differs from many cosmetic dentists in that he doesn't just use one method to improve smiles.   Many dentists just use porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers when done properly, created and sculpted by an artist are amazing and have transformed smiles the world over.

    Over the years, Dr. Hulse has discovered many new techniques in cosmetic dentistry. And now treats his patients with multiple modalities to give patients more options, more conservative treatment, and even more beautiful smiles.

    While porcelain veneers when done properly have an amazing transformational ability, Dr. Hulse has come up with other options for his patients. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Fortunately, Dr. Hulse has a whole tool box.   Or he probably would think of it more as a toy box, because Dr. Hulse loves doing Cosmetic Dentistry!

  • Patient describes the "Exceptional Cosmetic Work" at Austin Artistic Dental

  • Revolutionary NEW Cosmetic Technique

  • Another method of transforming people's smiles that Dr. Hulse is extremely proud of is the Bioclear Method.  The Bioclear Method is a revolutionary new technique that can be used to cosmetically and structurally rebuild a tooth with a composite material in ways that were never thought to be possible in the past.  It can be used to do smile makeovers, rebuilding whole mouths.  Or it can be used to rebuild teeth that are broken, close spaces in between teeth, close black triangles (spaces between teeth by the gums) and even rebuild teeth when there is not enough tooth left to hold a porcelain crown or veneer.   This is not "bonding"!  This technique is so new and revolutionary that most dentists don't even know about it.  Dr. Hulse has been using it for years and has mastered the technique.  In fact, Dr. Hulse travels around the country teaching the technique to other dentists!   Because of this we have people traveling from hours away and even other states to have their Bioclear treatment done. The Bioclear Method is often thought of as an alternative to Porcelain Veneers.  Both have their pros and cons.  For some, porcelain veneers might be the best choice, for others the Bioclear Method.  To learn more about the Bioclear Method click here.

  • Whiter teeth

  • For his patients who want whiter teeth. Dr. Hulse uses hands down the best whitening method ever invented.  It's called Kor Whitening.  If you search the internet you will come across dozens of different ways of whitening one’s teeth.  Some claiming a super zooming laser, "whitening in an hour" and many claims with lots of marketing dollars behind them.  Some of these methods don't work at all, some work ok, but Kor is the only method that, for Dr. Hulse, works amazingly literally every time, on every patient, for over a decade.  Even people that were previously told their teeth couldn't be whitened can be whitened with Kor Whitening.  While Kor is super powerful and effective, it is actually one of the least sensitive ways of whitening teeth.  So even people with sensitive teeth can now whiten their teeth with Kor.  Dr. Hulse has successfully whitened many people’s teeth who were unable to do it in the past due to sensitivity.  To read more about Kor Whitening click here.

    Sometimes patients come in wanting a better smile and ready for veneers but upon evaluation Dr. Hulse explains they don't need veneers.  They have beautiful teeth, they're just not in the correct position.  Sometimes people realize this, but don't want to go through braces for 2-3 years.  Fortunately for his patients Dr. Hulse has discovered the easiest, fastest most cosmetic way to straighten teeth.

  • Straighter Teeth

  • Dr. Hulse is proud to offer both Austin Six Month Braces and Invisalign to his patients.  Both these options are nearly invisible and can often straighten one’s teeth in just a matter of months.  In Dr. Hulse's opinion if a cosmetic dentist doesn't offer cosmetic orthodontics to his patients he is doing his patients a disservice. Because if moving their teeth into the proper position gives them the smile they've always wanted, then this is the ideal choice.  Cosmetic orthodontics is the ultimate demonstration of minimally invasive dentistry. No damage is done to the teeth, and a beautiful smile can be achieved.

    Many dentists that only do veneers, claim "instant orthodontics” and will be overly aggressive in shaving down teeth to make them look straight.  And this can work, but what if it could be obtained without shaving the teeth down at all?  And it could be done in a short amount of time for far less money and less damage to your teeth? For some people that is a better choice.  Patients should be aware of the choices to be able to make an informed decision.  Unfortunately, they are not always given the choice.  Remember again, if all you have is a hammer…

    To read more about Invisalign at Austin Artistic Dental in South Austin click here.   To read more about Austin Six Month Braces at Austin Artistic Dental click here.

  • Better Shaped Teeth

  • Another way in which Dr. Hulse can improve your smile is Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping.  Sometimes people have teeth that are just in the wrong proportions or slightly misaligned.  With Dr. Hulse's cosmetic and artistic eye he can reshape your teeth but lightly smoothing and sanding down areas to make your smile more appealing.  This is one of Dr. Hulse's favorite techniques.  Because when it is done correctly, but someone with an artistic touch, a small change that is so easy to do, can make a huge change in one’s smile.  Does one tooth stick out just a little too far?   Are your teeth’s edges uneven, or look too sharp?  Did you always wish your two front teeth were just a little shorter? If so, Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping may be the solution for you.

  • In the past, and at most dental clinics, one has to commit to the cosmetic work before they ever get to see what it is going to look like.  So there is a HUGE leap of faith.
    Utilizing Digital Smile Design, modern technology and his artistic talent Dr. Hulse can now show you what your smile will look like BEFORE you pay for the treatment.  Click the link to learn more about the different ways in which Dr. Hulse does this.

    More About Smile Previews

  • Financials: "What if I can't afford cosmetic dentistry?"

  • As you see there are many different ways in which Dr. Hulse can improve you smile.  Often people are worried to take that first step.  Perhaps you are worried about the costs.   Don't worry, at Austin Artistic Dental we have many flexible payment plans.  More than almost any other dental office we are aware of.  To learn more about our financial options click here.

  • "I want a new smile, but I'm afraid to go to the dentist!"

  • We have other patients that aren't worried about the finances as much as they are worried about the dental treatment itself.  They are scared of the dentist and don't even want to step foot in a dental office! Don't worry we see people scared of us EVERY SINGLE DAY.   Because of this Dr. Hulse has been trained in dental sedation.   Dental Sedation allows people to be relaxed and often sleep through their appointments.   Most don't even have a memory of the treatment afterwards! To learn more about sedation click here.

    Hopefully this page has given you some idea about what cosmetic dentistry in south Austin at Austin Artistic Dental can offer you. If you've always wanted to change your smile, don't hesitate and give us a call today for a free cosmetic consultation.

  • In the video below a patient explains what it feels like to get her smile back right before Christmas!

  • Ericka says don't go to Mexico for your cosmetic dentistry! Go to Austin Artistic Dental and gain confidence in your smile!

    Ericka dice que no vayas a México por tu odontología cosmética! ¡Visita Austin Artistic Dental y gana confianza en tu sonrisa!