Dental Implants

Happy, healthy smiles are our focus.

Is it really possible to be   happy   with your teeth and smile again?

Dr. Hulse explains how Dental Implants can change your life.

You Can Finally Have A Full Mouth of Teeth That Look And Feel Natural…


Here in south Austin at Austin Artistic Dental we hear EVERYDAY from people who are frustrated with their teeth, and frustrated with their dentures.

Dr. Hulse can help! Dental Implants in south Austin, are used every day to restore smiles, chew and taste food, regain confidence, and kiss your loved ones!

We can you give you the gift of laughter again!


At Austin Artistic Dental in South Austin we are trying to make Dental Implants more affordable. In Austin the average cost of dental implant to replace a single tooth runs $6000-$8000. At Austin Artistic Dental with our dental implant special a single posterior/back tooth implant costs only $4300! That includes the implant, the abutment(post) and crown(the tooth). If we are doing many implants where we are replacing many teeth or doing implants and dentures, the cost drops even further from there. So for affordable dental implants in Austin, Texas give us a call today for a consultation.

Dental Implants have also improved greatly in the last few years. With recent technology updates, including 3D dental imaging, and guided surgeries, dental implants can now be completed with little to no discomfort, quicker and easier than ever. it all done.

Dr. Hulse has been restoring people’s smiles with dental implants for well over a decade. With his advanced training, usually the whole procedure can be done at our office, and you won’t have to travel to multiple other specialist offices to get it all done.


If you find yourself “holding back” your smile in social situations because you don’t like the way your teeth look…

You’re tired of looking at a menu, wondering what will be the easiest thing to eat

If you’ve lost a tooth here and there and are looking to finally be able to chew food normally again…

If you feel like you look like you’re 90 years old because your dentures make your cheeks and lips sink into your face…

If you’re sick of getting “nickeled and dimed” by your dentist…a crown here and a filling there…to the point that you’re paying thousands of dollars per month on your teeth.

The best part is we have convenient payment plans, and some procedures may be covered by your insurance.

Dr. Hulse Explains more about dental implants

Imagine being able to chew, laugh, and smile again!

We can help you bite into that steak and taste those juices, eat corn on the cob, and laugh in front of your grand kids. You deserve this.

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