• Painless Injections

  • Do you hate getting injections at the dental office???  Of course you do! Everyone does! It hurts!!  Well, what if I told you we could minimize that pain better then every before! In south Austin, at Austin Artistic Dental we strive to make it a pain free injection.

  • We do several things that minimize the feeling of his injection. Many of our patients don't even realize they got an injection!! Painless injections? It's true!


    Most dental offices use Benzocaine, which is a very common numbing gel, that has been used for years.  It's the same type of anesthetic contained in oragel and other numbing gels you can buy yourself at your corner pharmacy.  It works okay, but Dr. Hulse wanted something better.  Dr. Hulse has searched far and wide, tested out many different numbing gels and has found the strongest and the best.  It is a specially formulated gel compounded at a pharmacy in Nashville, Tennessee!!  It's a long way to go to get a numbing gel, but it's the best! So that's what we use!!!

    After we use the numbing gel, the initial pinch is GREATLY reduced! But we wanted better!

    After the numbing gel has had time to sink in we use our secret weapon!

  • The VIBRAJECT!!!

    The vibraject is a revolutionary new device that attaches to the syringe, providing a strong vibration feeling to your gums while getting the injection.  The vibrations caused by the vibraject travel to the brain faster then the pain of the injection.  Therefore your brain feels the vibrations and not the prick of the needle.  We are tricking your nervous system and your brain, and boy does it work! 


    One of things that hurts when you get a shot is the acidity of the anesthetic.  It burns as the anesthetic goes in.  We found anesthetic that has a  NEUTRAL ph.  It has the same pH as WATER! When it goes in it feels like nothing!


    This should be obvious, but unfortunately not all dentists have it.  Dr. Hulse has a very gentle touch and always takes the extra time, so you feel as little as possible.

    As you see at Austin Artistic Dental we do everything we can to make it a pain free injection and everything as painless as possible. So if you've been avoiding going to the dentist because you're afraid of the pain, avoid no longer! Call us today!  (512) 772-5077

  • In the videos below patients explain how they didn't feel the shots at all!