• Out Of Town Guests

  • At Austin Artistic Dental people come to our office from all over Texas, even out of state, to change their smiles and change their lives.

  • Why would people come to us when they have a dentist right down the street?

    Mostly for two reasons.

    1. They want their smile and mouth rebuilt in the most conservative, strong, affordable and beautiful way possible.  And that method is the revolutionary Bioclear Method. Dr. Hulse is one of the few dentists in the country that is fully trained and has the skills to rebuild a mouth using the Bioclear Method.
    2. They want their smiles redone by someone with artistic talent.  It’s not often a dentist has both the needed cosmetic training and the innate artistic ability, along with a world class ceramicist, to create the natural beautiful smile of their dreams.

    If you’re interested in coming in to get that smile you have always wanted, or restore the youthful appearance to your worn and chipped teeth, give us a call to arrange your visit.

    With out of town guests after you contact us, we ask for you to send in several photos of your face and smile so that Dr. Hulse can evaluate your smile before you arrive.   Then we often have a free virtual consult via video to discuss your up-coming smile transformation.

    We will also help with recommendations for accommodations to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

  • Give us a call to schedule your dental vacation in Austin, Texas today!