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In south Austin, at Austin Artistic Dental we strive very hard for people to keep all their teeth and we do everything we can to help our patients keep their mouths healthy. But sometimes it’s too late, and the healthiest choice for some people is to remove most or all of their teeth.  We understand that this is not an easy step for people to take, and Dr. Hulse and his staff are extremely understanding and not judgemental.

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Wouldn't it be nice to smile again? We think so. So did she.


My fear of dentists quickly went away as I was treated with care, and respect, office staff and doctor were amazing. My dream of new teeth is coming true!!!

Cosmetic Denture
Cosmetic Denture Before After
Before After Denture

We also understand that most people are worried that their dentures will look fake or artificial. Dr. Hulse strives to make sure each set of dentures he creates is a work of art that enhances your smile, your face, and self-confidence in a NATURALLY pleasing way.

There are many denture clinics, that claim to be “affordable” or quick. And this is their main sales point. When we look at recreating someone’s smile, we look at it as a way to change someone’s life, not as a quick cheap fix to a simple problem.


The first photo below is the denture from a patient of ours that came in after she got it from one of the cheap denture clinics. Getting the cheapest  dentures dental insurance pays for.  We unfortunately see dentures like this all the time.  The right photo below is the replacement denture we made for her. The pictures speak for themselves.

cosmetic denture comparison

So what makes our Cosmetic Dentures different than most?

Premium Natural teeth vs. Cheap teeth – There is a HUGE difference in how high-end teeth look compared to bargain-basement denture teeth. Cheap ones don’t have the texture, and shape of premium teeth. They also usually don’t shine like natural teeth. Often they are square and look like chicklets.

Cosmetically Sculpted Denture Gums vs. Cheap Pink Acrylic – Have you ever seen the gums on a cheap denture? They are flat and bright pink and look nothing like natural gums. You can spot them from a mile away.  The denture gums that we create have texture and are contoured to match the shape of natural gums. Colors are added to make them appear life-like as well.

Customized Teeth Arrangements –  At Austin Artistic Dental each denture’s teeth are chosen by the dentist and the patient together, to make them appear natural.

The patient is given choices of tooth size, shape, and color. We often compare them to photos of your old teeth to make you appear as the best version of yourself. Not as if someone else’s teeth were just shoved in your mouth. Cheap dentures often all appear exactly the same. They look like they came off an assembly line, not as if they were crafted to match YOUR face.

Custom Fit – While chewing with dentures is different than chewing with regular teeth, we try to set the teeth and get the fit to match where your gums and teeth used to be, so we can restore the youthful appearance and feel of your mouth. For many getting our Cosmetic Dentures, it will make you look 20 years younger.

Do you want to be able to chew with your dentures?

Do you want your dentures NOT to fall out?

Of course, you do! The good news is most dentures we do nowadays are being supported with dental implants.  Dental implants can be used to support your dentures in two different ways.

  1. You can have dentures that are literally screwed into the dental implants so you never have to take out the teeth. This is commonly known as an “All on  4”. Which is a term that means, all the teeth are supported by 4 implants. This is the closest you can get to getting your real teeth back. While a Cosmetic Denture can look nice, if it isn’t attached to dental implants the chewing ability and function are very limited.
  2. The second way people can use dental implants is to have Snap in dentures. This is where we place usually 2 to 4 dental implants in the jaw bone and the denture snaps into it. This is usually done on the lower jaw. While this isn’t as supportive as an “All on 4” screw-in prosthesis/denture, it is worlds better than having no implants. 


So whichever option you choose, you’ll find that dental implants and dentures from Austin Artistic Dental can get you smiling again!

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