Cosmetic Dentistry for Teenagers after Braces

If so, you may be a candidate for a No Prep, No Drilling, Non Invasive Bioclear Veneers

What are Bioclear Veneers?

Bioclear Veneers are tooth shaped veneers, hand sculpted onto the the existing tooth to create the appearance of a beautiful white tooth.  They are made of composite which is different then typical veneers that are made of porcelain.  Because it is a different material and a completely different technique the tooth shape can be changed with doing zero damage to the tooth.  It’s a completely additive procedure. 

What is cosmetic dentistry for teenagers? Why would a teenager require cosmetic dentistry?

Some people are just born with oddly shaped teeth.  Sometimes they’re too small,  sometimes they have strange curves and sometimes they just come in and form with a yellow or brown color, even if the person brushes and has good oral hygiene.  Life’s not fair that way sometimes.

During ones teenage years so much changes in our lives.  These are the prime years where we are turning into the adults we will be for the rest of our lives. There are also so many life milestones that happen for us in these years.   We go to high school, make new friends, develop new interests, have our first kiss, our first boyfriend or girlfriend.  We then leave home, go to college, have our first loves, try to start being an adult. These are BIG THINGS!

With our bodies changing so much, lot’s of us feel awkward in these years.   And nothing makes it worse then having an awkward weird smile.   And nothing can increase confidence like having a grown up beautiful smile. 

But is it possible to get veneers and change your smile as a teenager? I thought you had to wait until you were an adult to get veneers?

 Most commonly when patients are talking about veneers they are talking about porcelain veneers.  And most commonly when dentists are doing porcelain veneers they are grinding teeth down to make room for the veneers.

But what if I told you I could give you or your child a beautiful smile in just one day while doing no damage to the teeth and it will last them into adult hood? Well I can! With Bioclear Veneers!

Composite Veneers for a teenager
Composite Veneers for a teenager

Did your child go through 2 or 3 years of braces, and they still hate their smile?

That’s great that you lined the teeth up and they’re nice and straight.  But that’s not going to change the fact that the teeth are oddly shaped. But because the orthodontist did such a good job straightening the teeth I can now give your child a beautiful smile, doing zero damage to the teeth with no drillings or cutting.

Do Bioclear Veneers damage my teeth?  Do you need to shave my teeth down to do this?

NO! That’s the best part!  The Bioclear Method is a completely additive procedure.  No tooth structure is removed or damaged. 

My teenager has small front teeth, and his gums are all puffy after braces?   Is this normal, can you fix this?

Some small teeth are called Peg Lateral Incisors or just Peg Laterals for short. It’s a pretty common condition we see at least once or twice a week in our practice.   As for the gums being puffy that will sometimes happen when someone is in braces for a long time and their hygiene isn’t all that it should be.  

The good news is I can even out the gums with a laser and cover up the small teeth/peg laterals  and  still get a beautiful smile. 

Look at the changes in this smile? She was starting high school the following week? How different do you think her experience will be?

Puffy gums from braces
Bioclear Composite Veneers fixing peg laterals
Teenager Smile Makeover with Bioclear Veneers
Peg Lateral fixed with Bioclear Composite Veneers

How is Bioclear Veneers different then Porcelain Veneers?

Most veneers that dentist do are Porcelain Veneers.   I do a lot of Porcelain Veneers AND Bioclear Composite Veneers.  You can see examples of both in my smile gallery.  There is a place for both of them.  In all my dental treatment I promote conservative and minimally damaging dentistry.  I can even do No Prep/No Drill porcelain veneers.  But not everyone is a candidate for no prep/no drill porcelain veneers.  But most people are candidates for composite Bioclear Veneers.

How is Bioclear different then bonding?

While bonding and the Bioclear Method both use composite, the similarities end there.  Bonding is usually a technique in which composite is hand sculpted on the side of the tooth kind of as a quick patch, often for a chipped tooth.   Because bonding doesn’t use the special tooth shaped matrices and doesn’t prepare the tooth in the same way as Bioclear, bonding often stains, chips falls off and causes ledges.

Most dentists do some form of bonding, It may look okay at first, but will often stain, chip but even worse cause ledges below the gums that trap food, plaque and bacteria. Causing bleeding and irritated gums.  Making the problem even worse then when it started! 

You don't have to be a dentist to understand the x-ray below and see how the rough over hanging bonding with ledges on the left is not as good as the smooth Bioclear restoration on the right.

X-ray of Bioclear Black Triangle Closure

Notice the stained bonding on the small teeth below and the patched look to them. Then look how they were improved with Bioclear Composite Veneers

Stained Bonding fixed with composite Veneers

How do I find out if my teenager is a candidate and how much it costs?

The best way is to click the link below to get a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION.  Just send it in some selfie photos, tell me what you want to change and I’ll send you back a personal video explaining all your choices including the costs! It doesn’t get easier then this.

Peg lateral fixed with Bioclear Method
Peg lateral fixed with Bioclear Method

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