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At Austin Artistic Dental we are proud to offer cutting edge technology combined with classical artistry. Dr. Hulse is continually innovating and traveling the world learning the best and most modern techniques and bringing them back to Austin, Texas.

One the things Dr. Hulse is most excited about is the digital technology that allows him to plan digital smile designs and test drive them for his patient even before a single tooth has been touched or a single dollar towards treatment has been paid. There are a few different ways in which Dr. Hulse can do this.

Before and After Photos

This can be done with two-dimensional photos to help give us an idea of what is aesthetically possible.

Augmented Reality Dentistry

We also can do it with Augmented Reality Dentistry.  This is a technique that allows you to look in a real time magic mirror and see the potential for your future smile. Technology is amazing!

Digital Smile Design

Another way to preview your smile is called Digital Smile Design (DSD). Using a new intraoral scanner we can make a three dimensional copy of your teeth and combine them with digital photographs. Dr. Hulse can then plan what he thinks your smile should look like. He 3D prints a model of this smile and uses a transfer stent to place it over your teeth and give you a preview of what your smile can look like in your mouth that day!

Below is a video that demonstrates this amazing before and after process, all before we have done any dental treatment at all. Most dentists can’t show you this until you have already paid, the teeth have been drilled, and there is no turning back. We want to show it to you first! This way you can see how it can improve your appearance and you can be confident you are making a great investment in yourself.

Smile Test Drive

The final way in which Dr. Hulse allows you to preview your new smile is the Smile Test Drive. With this, Dr. Hulse sits with you and listens to what you want to improve about your smile and analyzes the structure of your mouth. He then hand sculpts directly on your teeth a composite, plastic filling material to your desired shape and size. You then actually get to leave the office with this Smile Test Drive on your teeth and let your friends and family see what is possible as well.

All these methods are different ways to make sure Dr. Hulse is giving you the smile of your dreams.  The one that fits YOUR face. Too many times we see veneers that either don’t look natural or look as is they don’t fit in the face.  That’s often because cookie cutter, mass produced, 2 weeks and done teeth are being pushed instead of utilizing artistically created and individually sculpted porcelain veneers.  If you want a to walk into a room and smile with confidence, give us a call or submit your photos for a FREE virtual consultation today!

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