• Meet The Team

  • Our Above and Beyond Dental Team

  • Monica - Patient Coordinator

    Concierge, Patient Advocate, Keeper of Peace, Javier Wrangler

  • Javier - Insurance Expert

    Head of IT, Chief Margarita Maker, Interior Design Specialist
  • Kaylee - Master Hygienist

    Healer of Gums, Claw Machine Whisperer, Human Unicorn.

  • Courtney - Dental Assistant

    Master of Temporaries, Tamer of Dentists, Queen of Lockhart.

  • Stephanie - Office Manager

    Treatment Coordinator - Keeper of World Order

  • Allison - Dental Assistant

    Orthodontic Expert, Spanish translator, Lover of Fabuloso

  • Brianna - Dental Assistant

    New Patient Hostess, Speaker of Spanish, Kaylee's Right Hand Woman.

  • We're Here To Help You!