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In our south Austin dental practice, we extract teeth every single day.  It’s very common for people to come in with a tooth that is too broken down to repair, and extraction, or tooth removal, is the only option. 

We are also one of the few general family dental practices to offer affordable wisdom teeth extractions right in our office.  Often patients need to be referred to another office to have wisdom teeth taken out. But due to the advanced training of our doctors, the teeth can usually be removed in our office where our patients are familiar and most comfortable. 

We even offer multiple sedation options.  We often nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation and even full IV sedation.  Some people just want to sleep through their appointment and not remember a thing!  We understand.                                                

Our patients are often scared and embarrassed by this. PLEASE DON’T BE!!! This is a VERY common problem, and whatever your condition is trust me, we’ve seen worse. 

As for being scared, it is understandable, especially if it’s the first tooth being extracted or if you’ve had a bad experience in the past. 

When we remove a tooth we make sure that you are VERY NUMB!  The majority of people don’t feel any pain at all, and are almost always surprised when we tell them that we are all done.   “That’s it? You’ve barely started.”  We hear that all the time.  If you’re in the need of having a teeth pulled, please give us a call! (512) 292-9209

A dental extraction is most commonly required if one of your teeth is damaged beyond practical repair. The most common reasons for tooth extractions include:

Severe tooth decay or infection may make it impossible or too costly to repair a tooth
Advanced gum disease may required a tooth to be pulled so it doesn’t affect the supporting tissues and bone structures of your mouth
During orthodontic work, teeth may need to be extracted to create room for the teeth that are being moved into place
Wisdom teeth are often extracted either before or after they come in to prevent infections and problems with the other teeth.

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