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At Austin Artistic Dental we are VERY proactive about not only fixing cavities but also in PREVENTING cavities  and making our dental treatment last for a long time!  Every single patient that comes is educated not on only what problems they have and how we can help them fix them.  But also what CAUSED those problems.  Without figuring out what caused the problems how can we expect our dental work to last?

Let’s say you got a cavity.  We fill the cavity, and then you changed nothing about your diet or oral hygiene, do you really expect it to last?  You’ll just get another cavity!  Makes sense, right?  Of course it does!  It’s obvious! But if you’re not a dentist, someone has to help you figure this out.  Not because it’s hard to understand, but because most people just don’t take the time to think about it. It has been my experience that most dentists don’t stop to ask these questions and educate their patients about this.  We are different here at Austin Artistic Dental!

We take the time! Some patients tell us they feel like they’ve got a dental degree by the time they leave the office.  And we don’t do it in a lecturing or condescending way.   I know you don’t floss! I’m not mad at you for that.  Most don’t people don’t floss! I’m just going to educate you about what this means, and let you decide to do what you want.

Another thing we do in our office that many offices don’t do, is go the extra step to recommend products that can really make a difference.   There is a prescription mouthwash and toothpaste we recommend called CariFree.  This stuff really does work.  I feel like for the first time we really have some ammo against tooth decay.

Are you one of those people, seem to have a new cavity everytime you go to the dentist?  If so, then CariFree is Perfect for you!  Not every dentist offers this. Some might not even know about it.  If you’re interested in stopping your cavites in their tracks, call Austin Artistic Dental today! (512) 772-5077

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