• Childrens Dental Care

  • Looking for a kids dentist near Austin, Kyle, Onion Creek  or Buda?  Look no further, At Austin Artistic Dental we offer a full line of children's dental care.   We do our very best to make it FUN for the child and get the needed work done as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

    Dr. Hulse often uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and a very powerful topical anesthetic. So if the child does happen to need a shot for an anesthetic, they often don't even know they got the shot!

    Some advice we offer to all parents:

    Tell them the dentist is going to be fun! And how they're mouth is going to feel so good and clean! And how if they're good they are going to get a prize at the end!

    At Austin Artistic Dental, we recommend the parent stay in the reception area, while their child's teeth are cleaned.   We find that most children are more cooperative when their parents are not in the treatment room.   BUT, if the parent insists on being there, we understand, and of course allow them in the treatment room with their child. 

    We look forward to helping keep those "cavity bugs" off your chidrens teeth!!

  • Dr. Hulse's son learns about the Tooth Fairy

  • Dr. Hulse's two year old son uses a Sonicare Electric Toothbrush, how you doing?



We are trying to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus. The office is closed except for emergencies. Emergencies being pain, infection or a dental problem that could get significantly worse if not treated soon. If you’re not sure what do, the best possible thing is to fill out a VIRTUAL CONSULT form (click here) and Dr. Hulse will send you a personalized video for free telling whether he thinks you should come in or not, what your options for treatment could be, and what it would cost. Or you can call 512-292-9209