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Do you suffer from chronic tension or migraine headaches? Well so did I. But NOT ANYMORE! Because fortunately in our south Austin Dental practice, Austin Artistic Dental, there is now a simple solution that can greatly reduce those headaches. Many of these headaches are caused when one clenches or grinds their teeth at night. Most people do this to some extent, though most people have NO IDEA that they do. Every time I examine someones teeth this is one of the things I look for. For most, this clenching and grinding causes no symptoms, no pain. But for some, this can cause teeth, jaw and neck pain, as well as frequent, and sometimes extremely painful, headaches! Migraine headaches even! There are many types of mouth guards for teeth grinding, but the type of dental guide I prescribe and fabricate for patients in pain is the NTI tension suppression system device. This is a simple removable occlusal dental guard, worn at night, that decreases the intensity of the clenching and grinding, thereby GREATLY decreasing the pain and headaches!
NTI tension suppression system device Austin Artistic Dental

This is so effective that it has been FDA approved!!

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Below is a video of my colleague Dr. Boyd, the inventor of the NTI discussing the NTI on Good Morning America.

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